14' X 100' Caterpillar Tunnel

  • $ 1,250.00

 We are really excited to start offering this great product for season extension! You can cover 1,400 square feet of growing space for only $0.89 per square foot!! With the 14' bows you can easily cover 4 standard 30" beds with 12" pathways between. The bow height is 7' 8" in the center, so you can walk down the 3 main paths under the tunnel without having to bend over.  

These caterpillar tunnels work great for starting crops earlier in the spring, and keeping them going longer in the fall. In the heat of summer you can easily push the plastic all over to one side, or take it off completely, and replace it with shade cloth to protect your crops from the summer heat. 

ATTENTION:NRCS GRANT FOR HIGH TUNNELS-  Our tunnels comply with the NRCS spec but you must specify that this purchase will be for an NRCS grant so we can swap the roll of plastic.  Our Kit comes with 5mil 3 yr and the SPEC calls out 6Mil 4 yr. We have stock but your tunnel will not pass the Grant application if it has the 3 YR 5Mil roll.  PLEASE designate in the notes this Tunnel will be for NRCS GRANT.

What's included:

21 bows (1 3/8" galvanized tubing. 5' bow spacing.)

5/8" rebar anchor posts

Anchor base plates

Tek screws

24' x 130' greenhouse plastic

Purlin strap

1000' rope

Side curtain support hooks

Step by step instruction manual 

The only thing you will have to supply is a few T-posts to anchor the plastic on the ends.

2 people can set one of these tunnels up in a couple hours. 

We have designed this kit to fit on an 8' pallet so it ships easily and affordably LTL freight. Also if you order 2 or more you will get free freight!  (Domestic US sales only)